logo Breakfast made in Italy

It is a breakfast buffet; you will “live” it with pleasure, thanks to the union of services, equipping, products and workers who have been specifically trained.

A nice buffet with order and functional.

Our concept use specific equipment and the distribution of wholesome, precisely selected products.This makes Breakfast Made In Italy an amazing experience.
All the people, from workers in the buffet room up to final customers, will have a long-lasting, sweet “aftertaste”.

"Breakfast Made in Italy" is not a prefabricated construction that can be repeated everywhere: it is a “Taylor Made" dress, and it really does suit it thanks to the technical advice of a “breakfast Trainer” that creates it considering the environment and the kind of customers you would have.

An upper-level offer, costs are optimized and so is the staff which is specifically trained.

Excellent customer flow management in nice environments with high levels of sanitary conditions.

Choosing the "Breakfast Made in Italy" project entails choosing a path to constant growth in both the idea and the proposal of breakfast, in compliance with expectations of more and more particular customers who know better what is good and fine: improving the offer and reducing wastes.

Specialized training with our experts.

To train employees working in the breakfast room in the right way, training of a “breakfast expert” to manage the breakfast room, Another star to the hotel in guests’ memories.

It is part of the strategy to the success of the Hotel, sure to start a perfect day, confident there is not going to be any problem.

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